SD-CO - Carrier access networks

RtBrick's routing software is ideal for large scale service deployments such as broadband network aggregation, where you need to create a highly automated and scalable operating environment with a low cost-point - applying a web-scale approach to your carrier network to create a SD-CO (Software-Defined Central Office).

You can re-use your existing routing infrastructure to provide lower volume, and lower bandwidth services, and optimize the network for the bulk of your traffic - providing large volumes of high bandwidth services at a lower cost-point an in an automated operating environment, replacing high-cost legacy BRAS or BNG systems, for example.

Software-Defined Central Office

The SD-CO can support subscriber termination for PPoE and IPoE services on the Access Leaf Routers, as well as L2 wholesale services. It can also support L2X cross connect scale expansion horizontally to other PoDs. The core network connectivity can be scaled further by adding RtBrick Border Leaf Routers.

Example: Deutsche Telekom's next generation access project

“The focus is on having a more open, more flexible solution. The whole story is about disaggregation of hardware and software. RtBrick brings a piece of software that sits on the switches. They have built software that can program Broadcom chips, so they do the full BNG function.”

Robert Soukup, DT’s senior program manager for Access 4.0*

* quoted in an interview with FierceTelecom, March 2019