Spine Router

What it does

RtBrick's Spine Router aggregates traffic from leaf routers, connects to the core backbone and connects to existing equipment to terminate legacy services. Along with RtBrick's Access Leaf Routers and Border Leaf Routers, it can be used to build a web-scale SD-CO ( Software Defined Central Office). It runs as software on your choice of commodity hardware. RtBrick's FullStack routing software is a new way to build and run your network, applying a cloud-IT approach to deliver routing software that is more robust, more controllable and costs far less than a conventional network. It allows you to build a distributed Software Defined Network, that delivers at carrier-scale.

Two or more Spine Routers routers are used to connect to many Access Leaf Routers to create a Software-Defined Central-Office (SD-CO).

From Carrier-Grade to Web-Scale – taking the Internet-native approach

Rather than try to build an unattainable flawless system, we’ve taken a web-scale approach and focused on self-healing systems. Our modular code and single state database makes it easier to scale and contain risk, and it’s inherently simpler to control.

You can manage your whole network from a single browser window, using the RtBrick Management Suite. And you get automation straight out-of-the-box. Simply power-on your bare metal switches and they will self-register, download the correct software image, discover their topology and all microservices self-start. Automated software version management reduces risk of human error, and new microservices can be updated and tested independently of other operating software. The system also includes tools to simplify repair, such as ‘clone a switch’ for zero-touch replacement of broken hardware. And there’s in-depth alarm and status management, with thresholds and abnormalities automatically flagged: from data rates to fan speeds. You can glue this into your existing OSS using REST and RPC APIs, such as gNMI (Google Network Management Interface).  The cost will be significantly lower than traditional systems.

Spine Router Features

We are adding to our software feature-set all the time. You can find the current feature-set on our RtBrick Full Stack webpage.

Hardware Supported

A list of compatible hardware is available here. Please contact us to see whether we can operate with other hardware platforms of your choice.

Transform your carrier into an ‘Internet-native’

So now you can have everything SDN promised, and more…

  • You can migrate to a simpler, safer network
  • You can operate your network at web-scale
  • And you can operate at cloud cost-levels