End-of-Life (EoL) Policy


RtBrick periodically introduces software support for new hardware platforms and use cases. Likewise, support for older software is discontinued to ensure that RtBrick can provide appropriate attention to software critical to drive business functions. RtBrick software that corresponds to a hardware platform will be 'EoL’ed' when a hardware platform EoL is announced. If Rtbrick decides to support a newer hardware platform which replaces an existing platform in terms of features and support for existing use cases, RtBrick may decide to EoL the corresponding software irrespective of the hardware platform EoL. In the latter case, RtBrick Customer Support can help customers to transition to the newer platforms. RtBrick specifies an End-of-Life policy to ensure customers have sufficient visibility and advance notice to plan transitions out of such platforms for which EoL is announced.

Life Cycle Milestones

The following milestone definitions apply to all EOL policies:

  • End of Support Announcement — The date when the End of Support Announcement is made for the platform
  • End of Sale — The date when software sale or renewal is stopped for the platform. It is announced 1 month after the End of Support Announcement.
  • End of Engineering Support — The date when engineering defect fixes to the platform software are stopped, but Customer Support is available. It is announced 5 months after the End of Sale Announcement.
  • Last Day of Support — The date when all support including Customer Support from RtBrick ceases for the platform. It is announced 12 months after the End of Engineering Support Announcement.

The diagram below depicts the process followed to announce the End-of-Life.

EOL Announcements

The release numbers, descriptions, and dates for these affected platforms are shown below.

ReleaseDescriptionAnnouncement Date
Support for images of the Consolidated BNG (C-BNG) role on Edgecore CSR320 and Ufispace S9500-22XST platforms is extended by another 6 months.

This extension is intended for proof-of-concept (PoC) purposes only, not for production deployment.

03 May 2023
RtBrick announces the last day of support for all roles on AS5916-54XK and AS5916-54XKS platforms. As a result, RtBrick will not be fixing bugs related to these platforms in Release 23.2.1 and later.

24 February 2023
22.5.1RtBrick announces End of Support for images of Consolidated BNG role on the Edgecore CSR320 and Ufispace S9500-22XST devices from Release 22.5.1

13 June 2022
RtBrick announces End of Support for images of all roles on the AS5916-54XK and AS5916-54XKS devices from Release 21.11.1

21 December 2021