Build a new network

Cloud-native routing software for telcos

We’ve done three fundamental, new things...

...that have changed everything!

We’ve replaced hundreds of ‘state databases’ in each network element with one - so it's simple to automate We’ve built modular code – using discrete interchangeable blocks We've taken a ‘cloud-native’ approach, using independent microservices running in Linux containers

To deliver everything that SDN promised...

...and more...

You can add any service you want Whenever you want to And at a fraction of the cost

So now you can become...

...a ‘cloud-native’ carrier

RtBrick has created a new way for you to build and run your network, applying a cloud-native approach to carrier networks. RtBrick’s routing software shifts the control of your network from your vendors to you. So, now you can build a network with cloud-native agility, at carrier-scale and at much lower cost.

Build like a cloud-native

With a disaggregated network

Open, controllable, lower-cost

Take a closer look at our software with our ready-built lab and our 'getting started' resources

Ready-Built PoC Lab
We've built a set of resources to help you set up a ready-made PoC lab, so you can take a closer look at our software.

You can get access to the PoC lab by filling out the form below. Once we've given you access you can download all the resources you need.

Getting Started - Training tour and Downloads
We've created a set of training materials to help you get started with using our software. You can access the training materials here.

You can also download our code to help you complete hands-on training. Just fill out the form below to get approval and then follow the link.

The training tour covers routing and access protocols, including:

BGP etc....
PoC Lab and Getting Started image