Build a new network

Cloud-native routing software for carrier networks

We’ve done three fundamental, new things...

...that have changed everything!

We’ve replaced hundreds of ‘state databases’ in each network element with one simple to control database We’ve designed modular code – built from discrete blocks Using a ‘cloud-native’ design: with independent microservices running in Linux containers

To deliver everything that SDN promised...

...and more...

You can migrate to a simpler, safer network You can operate your network at web-scale And you can operate at cloud-native cost-levels

So now you can become...

...a ‘cloud-native’ carrier

RtBrick has created a new way to build and run your network, applying a cloud-IT approach to carrier networks. RtBrick’s routing software is more robust, more controllable and costs far less than a conventional network. So now you can build a network with cloud-native flexibility, that delivers at carrier-scale.

Build like a cloud-native

From Carrier-Grade to Web-Scale

Simpler, safer, lower-cost

or watch the video

to find out what RtBrick has done differently