At Rtbrick have a built “Rtbrick Full Stack”, a web-scale Network OS which hides the network complexity and provides user attributes of composability, programmability and elasticity.

Rtbrick Full Stack

At Rtbrick we embraced Sun Microsystems’ famous quote “The network is the computer” to apply distributed design principles to the networking domain. Using our patented technology we have built a micro services based distributed toolkit that allows construction of networking software in a "lego brick” fashion.

Cloud Networking Ready

Assume no locality of individual components and yet the router is one coherent system, allowing operators flexible choices for deployment. Routing brain in a remote data center and forwarding on the local hardware


Small components based on patented technology that builds grid of network “lego blocks”. Restricts the “blast radius” of failing components there by permitting fault isolation and localization

Rapid Development Model

Build new functionality using data model to develop complex protocol code using simple underlying “bricks”. Enables development in self-contained containers much ahead of hardware availability

Test Driven Development

Develop automation test framework and share it with operators aligning with Dev-Ops principles. This allows for roll-outs to test unit , integration and acceptance- tests

JSON RPC Programmability

Program any and all state in software using JSON RPC on variety of underlying transport options. Allow man or machine interface to program the state on the device

Cloud based point and click Management

Augment the value of the stack by providing a micro-services based cloud interface that provides a point and click configuration, visibility and telemetry interface to the abstract the underlying complexity from end users

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Archived Blog

The End of the Router ?

I can still remember my first encounter with a router. It was in 1993 when I was a freshman in college and the network administrator received its brand new Cisco MGS and connection to the Austrian Academic Network (ACONet AS1853) using a 64KBit/s leased line. There it was, the magical piece of technology that allowed one to telnet and ftp to retrieve information from every corner of the planet.

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