Bengaluru, Karnataka, India


We are looking for hands-on engineers to design and develop feature for RtBrick Full Stack (RBFS). You will be part of a fast-paced team responsible for delivering quality code for large complex systems requirements. Open communications, empowerment, innovation, teamwork and customer success are the foundations of the team with "Pay for Performance" culture. Thus, you set your own limits for learning, achievements and rewards.


  • Experience in C, Data structure, Packet Forwarding, Python programming.
  • Experience with Linux virtualization and container technologies (KVM, LXC)
  • Experience with Broadcom chipset SDK BCM88680 “StrataDNX” / “Qumran, Jericho+”/”StrataXGS”
  • Experience in Intel DPDK & NIC drivers, VPP (Vector packet processing) and in Open Network Linux packaging
  • Strong problem solving and software development/troubleshooting skills
  • MSEE/CS or BSEE/CS with 2-8 years of related experience is required
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Able to plan and execute tasks with minimal supervision
  • Team-player, can-do attitude, will work well in a group environment while being able to contribute well on an individual basis




Participate on a project team of engineers involved in the development of software for a next generation data networking stack. Architect, design, and implement software and features on bare metal hardware. You will be responsible for the Packet forwarding core, design of Hardware Abstraction Layer and implementation of NPU software that drives Bare Metal Hardware. Key Objective is integration of our back-store to any target hardware.