Bengaluru, India or Romania


We are looking for multiple experienced Linux specialists (Linux system administrators) to be part of RtBrick’s DevOps team. The DevOps team handles the CI/CD, compute and networking infrastructure and tools that together form a multi-tenant multi-environment delivery and deployment system for RBFS (RtBrick Full Stack). You will be part of a high performance team responsible for managing, improving and adapting these systems.


  1. About 2-6 years of industry experience in Linux system administration with emphasis on automation.
  2. Experience with networking focused Linux distributions (ONL/Open Network Linux and/or SONiC) is considered a plus.
  3. Good understanding and troubleshooting skills of networking issues, both at the host (Linux) level but also at the network (switches, routes, firewalls) level is required.
  4. Experience with CI/CD systems (Jenkins or similar) is required.
  5. Experience with software development tools like git, Gitlab, CMake, GNU build tools.
  6. Proficient in shell (bash) scripting. Experience with the Python or Golang programming languages is considered a plus.
  7. Knowledge and experience of Linux container technologies (Docker, LXC) and container orchestration (Kubernetes) or any other equivalent container technologies is desirable.




Knowledge of software compilation and packaging for various Linux environments is required. Expertise in Linux system administration, Linux package management and Linux internals is essential. Ability to build custom Linux images for different types of container and/or virtual machine (VM) environments is also required. Experience with the Linux boot process, init system and service manager is highly desirable.

Good knowledge of shell (bash) scripting and the Ansible automation framework is required. Knowledge of other automation frameworks and/or infrastructure-as-code tools is considered a plus. Experience with managing network infrastructure (switches, routes, firewalls) is highly desirable. Experience with monitoring solutions based on Prometheus and Grafana is desirable. Knowledge of the Python or Golang programming languages is considered a plus.

Manage compute and networking infrastructure for a private cloud. Manage applications and services deployed in the private cloud but also in public clouds. This position will be part of an on-call engineer rotation during certain critical periods for the company.