Deutsche Telekom, EWE TEL, Reply, RtBrick launch open source community

This article was published in Capacity Media on April 24, 2020. You can read the original article here   

Deutsche Telekom, EWE TEL, Reply, and RtBrick have joined forces to develop Leitstand, an open-source community for the management of carrier networks.

Leitstand will provide community members with the tools they need to operate the underlying infrastructure in a disaggregated telecoms network.

This includes zero-touch provisioning of infrastructure, inventory management, operational visibility of network elements, alarm monitoring, fault diagnosis and software version management.

“In the past, equipment providers developed bespoke management systems to assist carriers in operating their networks,” said Hannes Gredler, founder and chief technology officer at RtBrick.

“Although common protocols and interfaces emerged, these tools were usually optimised for the vendors’ own equipment. This resulted in inefficient use of development resources within equipment vendors and complex integration challenges for carriers operating multi-vendor networks.”

All tools will be delivered using an open-source model and therefore available to any operator, equipment vendor and systems integrator.

Using an open source model, Leitstand will increase the efficiency of producing, maintaining and enhancing carriers’ operational tools and processes, for both the vendors and the carriers.

“Now, developers can focus more effort on solving higher-value problems, rather than ‘reinventing the wheel’ for every system element,” said Robert Soukup, senior program manager at Deutsche Telekom.

“A wider pool of developers also means a deeper pool of ideas, with the most innovative solutions bubbling up to the top.”