RtBrick named finalist in Network Computing Awards 2020

Princeton, New Jersey – 6 February 2020 – RtBrick has been announced as a finalist in the Network Computing Awards 2020, which recognises the very best in the networking and telco industry.

RtBrick FullStack has been shortlisted in the New Software Product of the Year category thanks to its ability to transform off-the-shelf hardware into robust, agile, low-cost carrier IP networks. With investments from Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners and Swisscom Ventures, RtBrick rethinks the router and has created a revolutionary new way to adopt a modern software architecture, allowing carrier networks to operate with internet-native flexibility that delivers at carrier-scale.

The winners will be announced on 2 April 2020 at the Leonardo Royal Hotel in London. If you’d like to nominate RtBrick FullStack for the award please click here.

“We’re delighted that RtBrick FullStack has been shortlisted in the New Software of the Year category of the Network Computing Awards,” said Pravin S Bhandarkar, CEO and founder of RtBrick. “The telco industry is undergoing a huge amount of change and we’ve been working hard to ensure that operators are able to keep up with modern demands by moving away from monolithic systems towards controlled, scalable and lower cost software. It’s particularly exciting that we’ve been shortlisted thanks to public nominations, as this illustrates that our solution is making a difference.”

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About RtBrick

RtBrick provides carrier routing software that runs on off-the-shelf hardware. It has applied the same approach to networks that the huge ‘cloud-natives’ have used to build and operate their web-scale IT services. RtBrick is a privately held company, with staff located in India, Europe and the USA.