Podcast: Telcos moving towards a cloud-native approach

This podcast was streamed by Telecom Reseller on March 23, 2021. You can listen to it here

Disaggregation has been a hot topic in the telecoms industry recently. Last year, major operators such as BT, Telefonica, Deutsche Telekom, and Vodafone came together to voice their support to develop open, disaggregated broadband network gateways.

Hannes Gredler, co-founder and CTO of RtBrick, and Richard Brandon, VP of Marketing of RtBrick, join today’s episode of the Telecom Reseller podcast. In this episode, they discuss how telcos are moving towards a cloud-native approach, how disaggregation is solving some of the telecom industry’s recent problems like network security, and why to expect to see more vendor choice due to disaggregation.