UfiSpace Launches Multi-Function Open Aggregation Routers for Broadband and Mobile Operator Networks

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The S9600 Series extends the benefits of open disaggregation to the metro access and aggregation networks. Highly configurable, open platform ensures agility in carrier network infrastructure

NEW TAIPEI CITY, Taiwan, July 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- UfiSpace, the leading provider of open disaggregated networking solutions, announced today the launch of their S9600 series open aggregation routers based on Broadcom's Qumran2c silicon. Their open aggregation routers include three models of varying port configurations and features to aggregate different generations of access technologies, traffic types, and meet the stringent timing accuracy of 5G fronthaul and backhaul.

"With our previous open disaggregated solutions for the cell site, core and edge networks, service providers were able to foster innovation, reduce vendor lock-in and obtain better TCO synergies within their network," says UfiSpace CEO, Vincent Ho. "We are excited to provide our customers with even more benefits by enabling open disaggregation for their aggregation network as well.

"UfiSpace has deployed one of the earliest disaggregated cell site gateways in North America and deployed the world's first commercially available distributed disaggregated chassis routing system. Their open aggregation router series will include the S9600-32X, S9600-64X and S9600-72XC models. These open aggregation routers will provide service providers with several options to cover a wide range of use cases including Telecom Infra Project's OpenBNG, which calls for the capability of aggregating up to 128K subscribers.

"We are glad to see UfiSpace releasing their new router platforms as part of TIP's Disaggregated Open Routers and OpenBNG initiatives. Disaggregated Routers not only enable the evolution to high-capacity networks for 5G, but also allows the integration with current deployments. These platforms will provide a solution to help overcome the most relevant challenges presently faced today by operators when deploying fixed access and mobile services," said David Hutton, Chief Engineer of TIP.

Utilizing the Qumran2c silicon, the S9600 series is able to provide up to 4.8Tbps of capacity and supports low power high bandwidth packet memory, which provides 160x more buffering than on-chip memory. The S9600-72XC also has an option for an off board TCAM to provide even more capabilities to handle versatile applications in such as IPv4 & IPv6 Packet Classification, ACL, Policy-based Routing and QoS.

"Broadcom's revolutionary Qumran2c silicon combines features such as high port density, low power consumption, and greater subscriber scale, making it ideal for carrier Ethernet access, metro edge and metro aggregation," said Wei-Ai Tai Director of Business Development, Core Switching Group, Broadcom. "We are pleased that UfiSpace can highlight and deliver these technology benefits with their open aggregation routers.

"In addition to high density 25GE and 100GE ports, the S9600 series also provides GNSS, ToD, 1PPS, and 10MHz interfaces for timing synchronization. All models support full SyncE and IEEE 1588v2 profiles and meet Class C timing accuracies to further extend its uses cases into time-critical scenarios such as fronthaul aggregation.

UfiSpace is collaborating with world renowned software vendors for a full suite of software features for the aggregation network including Layer2/Layer3 routing protocols, VPN, Segment Routing, MPLS, BNG and more.

"We are delighted to collaborate with UfiSpace and support their S9600 open aggregation routers enabled with Segment Routing (SR)-MPLS and SRv6 capabilities. This allows us to enable massive flexibility and scale of network services as we deliver simple, scalable, seamless solutions for carrier ethernet, 5G mobile, edge, and access router markets," said Keyur Patel, co-founder and CTO, Arrcus.

"With the new IP Infusion FAST turnkey solution that combines our OcNOS® networking operating system with UfiSpace's S9600 Aggregation Router Series, service providers can kick start their disaggregated networks faster," said Atsushi Ogata, President and CEO of IP Infusion. "We are proud to work with UfiSpace to offer ready-to-deploy networking solutions which feature best-of-breed platforms and eliminates the integration pain points for channel partners and network operators."

"RTBrick's cloud-native routing software is only as powerful as the open hardware that is available to run it," says Hannes Gredler, CTO at RtBrick. "These new high-performance switches from UfiSpace are a significant step-forward for network disaggregation, giving telcos greater choice as they build their next generation of broadband networks."

The S9600-32X, S9600-64X and S9600-72XC are now available for software vendors and service providers to acquire for integration, testing and conducting proof of concepts.

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