Hardware Compatibility

Hardware compatibility list

RtBrick's software has been validated against the following hardware platforms. Please contact us to see whether we have worked with other hardware platforms of your choice.

EdgeCore 5916-XKSEdgeCore W100BF-32XEdgeCore 7712-32XIAASAGCX422S (Roadmap)
AGCV_A48S (Roadmap)

Switching Capacity
800 Gbps
3.2 Tbps
3.2 Tbps
NA2.4 Tbps
2.4 Tbps
10G Interfaces48--2 (min)44
25G Interfaces-----48
100G Interfaces63232-2210
400G Interfaces----4-

Qumran-MX (BRCM)

Tofino (Intel)

Tomahawk (BRCM)

AWS, Msoft Azure, etc.Qumran-2C (BRCM)Qumran-2C (BRCM)
Tables (IPv4 Routes)1M+Configurable, Low72K-2M+2M+
Buffers6GB (Deep Buffers)22MB16MB-4GB (Deep Buffers)4GB (Deep Buffers)
CPUIntel Xeon (8 Core)Intel Xeon (8 Core)Intel Atom (4 Core)128 CoreIntel Broadwell (8-Core)Intel Broadwell (8-Core)
Memory2 x 16 GB16 GB8 GB2 TB2 x 16 GB2 x 16 GB
Storage (SSD)128 GB32 GB32 GB4 TB128 GB128 GB