Disaggregated Routing Gets Real in Deutsche Telekom

Carsten Michel of Deutsche Telekom and Hannes Gredler of RtBrick present at NANOG 82 on Deutsche Telekom's implementation of RtBrick's disaggregated BNG in the production network. 

You will hear them explain the aims of the project, which was to create a much faster lifecycle and faster time to market, and the origins of the project in the CORD initiative (Central Office Re-architected as a Data Center). 

Ultimately, the project aims to deploy disaggregated BNGs in 1000 points of presence across Germany, delivering high speed internet and triple play services.

The talk also expands on why Deutsche Telekom selected bare-metal-switches to provide a dedicated data plane component, rather than taking a purely virtual BNG approach on standard computing servers, and how those switches have been built into a Spine-Leaf architecture, with Zero-Touch-Provisioning and automation that can support over 100,000 subscribers on a single BNG.

You can download the slides below