RtBrick adds IPTV services to its routing software

Cloud-native routing pioneer expands its open BNG capabilities

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October 27, 2020, Princeton, New Jersey – RtBrick has added support for IPTV services into its pioneering open BNG (Broadband Network Gateway) routing software. This means that carriers can now deliver even more services over a ‘cloud-native’ network, using off-the-shelf hardware and their choice of software, to deliver greater flexibility at a fraction of the cost of traditional networks.

“As carriers evolve to a cloud-native way of building and running their networks, it’s critical that they can still support their existing service portfolio,” explained Hannes Gredler, founder and chief technology officer at RtBrick. “IPTV is an important service for many operators and requires specific multicast features in the BNG. These features are currently being provided by monolithic legacy routing systems, so it’s important that we can replace them in our software solution, but without the constraints of the existing proprietary systems.”

RtBrick’s new IPTV functionality will enable service features such as support for in-picture previewing of 15 other channels, a sub-second channel ‘zap’ time, usage statistics, lawful intercept, subscriber policy support and legacy set-top box support.

“Delivering an IPTV service over merchant silicon involves careful interworking of control and data planes,” added Gredler. “The combined system needs to deliver a high level of performance under all conditions to deliver the experience that subscribers expect.”

RtBrick’s open BNG is the first use-case of its FullStack routing software, which aims to bring the benefits of cloud-native infrastructure to carrier access networks. The software runs on merchant-silicon hardware, transforming it into carrier IP/MPLS infrastructure.  It’s already being deployed and tested by some of the largest telecommunication providers in the world as they transform their broadband networks by disaggregating network software from hardware.

To learn more about RtBrick’s revolutionary approach to networking and the newest features of its BNG routing software, visit rtbrick.com.


About RtBrick

RtBrick has pioneered carrier routing software that runs on off-the-shelf hardware. It has applied the same approach to networks that the huge ‘cloud-natives’ have used to build and operate their web-scale IT services. RtBrick is a privately held company, with staff located in India, Europe and the USA.

The information was submitted for publication at 10:00 CET on OCTOBER 27, 2020.